Century Bob Workouts-Self Defense Training Dummy

Bob is the best alternative to heavy bags in the market. Heavy bags are just a choice for professional players to strengthen their power strategies in martial arts. But, this bob known as body opponent bag is proffering every type of player to modify their skills in century bob workouts martial arts.

In heavy bags, you have to apply extraordinary power. In contrast, the bob accelerates the strategies and power level of every player with an easy settlement. As it is a dummy, which means that you can have a practice with a stable opponent that is not going to hit you back. So you can work on moves and combos simply.

Many beginners ask for best century bob workouts after buying their dummy. Therefore, in this article, we will elaborate on some of the professional’s recommended methods. These methods will make your century martial art moves look more straightforward.

Century Bob Workouts

Century Bob will help you modify your strategies and skills from a beginner to a professional. Bob is the best alternative to heavy bags.

Top Methods For Enhancing Your Skills

There are many methods to deal with in bob-style practice. And they are termed as the best methods for professionals and newbies. But, we will describe the four most used methods to increase your strategy level in century martial art, and those are as follow.

Best Beginner Round

This method is to check the routine of your practice and training. It is specially designed for beginners and newbies. A player should know about breathing while boxing. Practical knowledge of shadowboxing will also help you get through this first step on bob workouts.

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Steps To Follow

Remember that it is just a three-minute warming scenario for starting your strategic moves. First of all, you have to find the right place of standing by delivering straight punches. Make sure to create a little distance in your hand and bob to add force when following through.

Morely, you have to take a breath while hitting those punches on the head and body of the dummy. After hitting convenient punches, you have to warm up your hooks. But, it would help if you put your feet an inch forward because the hook path is a bit longer than ordinary punches.

Then move a bit more closer to deliver your uppercut moves on the dummy. Morely, it is the best recommendation if you imagine that your dummy is also hitting you. It will help you to get through safety problems while punching.

Fair Results

Doing all of these hooks, uppercuts, and ordinary punches in a three-minute schema will add many strategies to your body. Also, this method will help you to know the position of each . As a well, it works as a kickback to challenging century bob workouts.

Self-Defense Practice

This method is increased to a seven-minute process, and it is going to develop your defense power. It also requires a dummy set in front of you.

Ways On Self-defense

In this method, starting with palm striking is the best choice. So it would be helpful if you strike palm for forty-five seconds by focusing on the sides of the dummy’s face. Then, you have to put some force on throat strike in the same forty-five seconds by looking at your Grappling dummy‘s face, sides, and neck.

Straight after this, hammer your fist to strike it on the nose and jaws for forty-five seconds. Most importantly, use your fingers and thumb to tighten the wrist to target the dummy’s eyes. Also, this finger jab step should be done in under forty-five minutes.

Move on the elbow workout in this method by striking the face and neck’s side. After this, wrap your knees around the neck of the dummy for knee striking. Finally, practice the bob killer that is prescripted for forty-five minutes.


It doesn’t look easy, but it seems entertaining with a twist of stamina development as time flies. This method is primarily designed to proffer you full-body moves so that you can move toward professional training.

Usual Striking Routine

In this method, you will lead your strategies to an upgrading level in the century bob workout. In this session, you will develop timing, placement, coordination, hitting hard punches flexibility. You have to create a three-quarter ordinary standing style with your left foot forward if you are right-handed when starting.

Then hit ten jabs with the left hand and warm yourself with better encroachment. This is a simple step to get started on double-hand jabs. So right after this jabs method, you can straightly move toward the crosses. In crosses, you had to use the lower body to move your back a bit more to the stable position.

After this, move toward your hooks and uppercuts skills for some time. Then you are all set with moving your feet right to the bob to practice your routine jabs, crosses, hooks, and uppercuts.

Body Shots Routine Check

This method is going to elaborate on century bob workouts with body use. Usually, when performing drills for body shots, you have to train yourself on the adjustment first to get the right track. Also, this adjustment should be settled fastly because you won’t get extra time in the ring.

Also, this adjustment will remain the same for straight and shovel hooks with the timing. Now, you have to target the spleen and liver body parts of the dummy as an opponent. Summing up all these strategies and skill is the right time to practice your body shots and Shadowboxing.

In this remarkable and final drill, first, add the jab to mark your movement in the bob. Also, it will allow you to set a position on delivering a solid and hard punch. After that, move in to hit a shovel or straight hook on the dummy. As well, practice ducking and slipping the punch from bob’s side in the imagination.

Workout Program

For providing with the trainers and professionals a greater insight about the sport. As the final workout, Century Martial Arts produced a DVD of the BOB XL Training Program with the Kovar brothers, Dave and Tim. Furthermore, like martial arts instructors, they run a number of schools and have earned numerous awards.

In addition, in the video, they tell us how to use the BOB standup dummy. And with this, you can have tremendous practicing ideas, and further, you’ll get world-class training on this 33 minute DVD. Furthermore, this training video is the single most popular and ideal practicing DVD for emerging players and professionals. Now you can only by watching the video can have the best practicing methods and do and don’t for your workouts with BOB.


Yes, absolutely, it is the best workout method design to help beginners. In a comparison of heavy bags and bob, we get more convenience from the bob workout. Since heavy bags ask for more power and they are basically designed for professionals player’s training.

On the other side, bob workout methods are bringing facilities for both newbies and professionals. So we can say that working with the bob is pretty good for every century martial art player.

Century bob sliding is the biggest problem, and many beginners ask its solution. This sliding usually happens when you hit the bob and make your moves. So it must require a stable solution to give you leveled practice. Most recommenders say to fill the standing bag with water.

But in consequence, we have found that water filling isn’t stable for powerful practice. So it is better if you fill the lower extension bag with sand. Moreover, the sand will make it heavier and convenient for your hard punches without losing its position.

Yes, you can leave it outside for a while sometimes. But, it is a bruise for the bob quality if you store it outside. Cold weather can affect to add hardness if you store it outside. So you should be conscious while taking this storage step.

Fill up the base a lot, but not completely. Approximately half of the base should be filled with water and the rest with air. It’s stable enough to be used for the ordinary striking routine when it’s wet sand and water.

Getting started with the century is pretty easy since it includes everything you need. A good set of gloves and a BOB punching bag are always recommended to wear best mma gloves when using heavy bags. Whenever you hit the bag hard enough, you can even break your hand.

Final Verdicts

These days bob is the most famous gadget for training in martial arts. Many professional coaches and players use it for better training. This dummy-style bob’s primary work is to develop your boxing nature with an essence of power. Further, it can help you go through challenging scenarios with easy settlements. In addition, this bob will help you modify your strategies and skills from a beginner to a professional.

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