Heavy Bag Vs Free Standing Punching Bag

Heavy Bag Vs Free Standing Punching Bag takes many versatilities with them. And heavy bags are known in the fighter’s world. Since they are proffering complete practices and training on punching with many new ways. Even if you are not a professional player, these types of bags will give you the enhancement to look further for better fitness.

Plus, heavy punching bags have two classic categories with the best construction. These two types of bags are known as free-standing and hanging punching bags. But, it is pretty difficult for every person to find the best one because both are versatile.

You can choose one of them by keeping in mind the position, space, quality, and of course, with your preference. That is why we are bringing an article on heavy bag vs free standing punching bag. This article will help you to get a better preference on choosing.

But, before comparison, we have to elaborate a little information on both types of heavy bags. So let’s start with this straightforward info on heavy bags.

Heavy Bag Vs Free Standing Punching Bag

A heavy bag is the ultimate workout tool for building strength, power, intensity, and speed. It’s also a great way to encourage discipline and focus in your workouts. Find out which bag is right for you – get the details on free-standing bags

Hanging Or Freestanding Which Is Better?

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What Are Hanging Bags?

Hanging bags are traditional, and they have wide use worldwide to provide training in martial arts. They have got the easiest assemblies, where the simplest one is the beam attached to the ceiling. Even they are coming with a specific heavy bag stand to do the setup.

Hanging bags have a larger striking surface with smooth construction. Unlike ordinary bags, these bags have a heavy weight to provide you with a firm lock-up. Moreover, they come in different sizes, dimensions, and weights for different uses. They are available in Muay Thai construction, and as well they approve boxing assembly.

What Is A Free-Standing Bag?

The first and main difference in this bag is that it is free for ceiling and other mountings. Instead of mounting, this type of bag uses a wide and large base to attach the bottom of the bag. At the same time, this base needs a filling of water or sand regarding your choice.

Surprisingly, this filling will increase their weight to a high level for providing stability. There are many style constructions in this type of heavy bag where the best is spring-loaded. This spring-loaded bag is specially designed to promote better stability with fast comeovers.

It isn’t a lie to say both heavy bags are completely solid and give an everlasting performance. But, the main thing is your choice and preference on choosing a heavy bag so let’s move on to the next elaboration.

Benefits Of Hanging Heavy Bags

Hanging punching bags are very beneficial to provide you enhancement in every martial art training. Some of the bright points are as follows.

Swing Style

Since the heavy hanging bag is hung with the stand or ceiling, the bag itself will get a swing back and forth. And this hanging has numerous benefits to follow. This type of bag is impossible to knock, unlike the standing bag, because it has to return to the granted position.

The motion created through these hanging bags provides a realistic feel in training on the second side. Their stimulated motion and movement are a full resemblance to real human movement. Withall, you can help yourself with timing and movement training.

Also, this hanging allows a great come-up timing enhancement. You can also lock better targets because their back and forth movement will give you extra time. So we can say that this bag can help you to modify your targeting skill to the level of perfection.

Kicking Option

These bags have a swinging ability, so they allow you to hit with more power. Whereas you can choose kicks with the punches because they provide more timing. Suppose you are working on your Muay Thai skills, then you can choose this hanging bag instead of a free-standing bag.

This hanging bag can help you perform head kicks and other Muay Thai techniques with a straightforward assembly.

Affordable Prices

Prices are very affordable with heavy-hanging bags. They are very cheaper than a solid free-standing bag, and they give great comfort in construction for the player. So it is worth buying this bag because if you aren’t comfortable with mounting, you can hang it with the stand.

Surprisingly you can buy a solid hanging bag for under 50 dollars, which is cheaper than a free-standing bag.

Flexibilities Of The Free-Standing Bag

We have discussed the flexibilities of hanging bags now; let’s move on in heavy bag vs free standing punching bag.

Setup Method

The free-standing bags are pretty comfortable with the setup and assembly methods. Some of the versions come up with complete construction, and they ask for a simple base filling. The filling is very simple, where you have to fill them with water or sand according to your choice.

Some models are coming without base assembly, so you just have to fill it before attaching. Usually, this attaching and filling take a couple of minutes.

Space Comfort

This type of bag has always been through to provide you comfort at every moment. That is why they are built with exceptional size and dimension. Consequently, when you set this bag on the ground, it takes less space. Many of them have a round shape, and they are very simple to roll for storage.

Softer Feel

In both types of heavy bags, these free-standing bags have a special soft foam construction. This softer foam provides many conveniences, where the best one is a softer feel. Surprisingly, this softer feel tends you to punch it harder and faster to practice your heavy blows.

So we can say that this type of bag is not a bruise on your hands. But, the professionals hardly recommend wearing a best mma glove on the striking hand.

Larger Models

Free-standing bags are launched in many styles where larger models are very famous. So if you are trying to perform kicks and heavy drills, then get the larger model. Larger models have a larger striking and hitting surface, and as well their length has got a great expansion.

So they make your kicking and heavy drills look easy, unlike hanging bags.

Shapes And Types

One of the best things we have found in this free-standing bag is its many types and shapes. It means you have an opportunity to find one of the best for your practices. The free-standing ringside bag is the best type in this bag, which allows you to perform every ring boxing skill.

Astonishingly, body structure bags are also one of the greatest types of this bag. Since it is known to give you a realistic feel on training and it provides tackling enhancement. Also, grappling dummies are one of them that help you in free training modes.

Some free-standing bags come with a shorter base, and some come with a larger base. All of these free-standing bags are great at keeping your moves stable and accurate since they are fillable. As well, free-standing bags have adjustment models to make them approachable for all height persons.


Yes, they are better, but you need to consider two factors. First is no space for your footwork. These free-standing bags require more floor space, and unlike a real match, they provide less room for movement around them. Furthermore, then on the second is resistance. Compared to heavy bags, free-standing bags are less powerful.

When it comes to choosing a heavy punching bag, consider its weight and size. It is generally recommended that heavy bags must possess half of your body weight. Moreover, a 100-pound bag may be adequate for a 200-pound person. And to provide a good experience for adults, hanging bags need to weigh at least 80 pounds.

Sand, cotton batting, and feathers make up the bulk of a standard boxing bag’s weight. And the center could also be weighted with metal. Moreover, now you can have 80 to 120 pounds, heavy bags are available in various weights. And the water you put into a standard MMA bag gives it its weight.

There will be more resistance from a heavier bag, and to move it will require a great deal of force. Further, swinging bags are not bad since they ensure you are not stationary while hitting them. Moreover, strengthening punches and developing more overall power will be easier with the additional resistance.

Keep your stand from sliding by using two interlocking non-slip foam mats. Your punching bag stand should be placed on top of the mats in the area where you plan to use it.

Final Words

In heavy bag vs free standing punching bag, we have discussed aspects regarding these bags. Every feature, function, quality, and assembly has been discussed very clearly. Must read everything carefully to find one of the best for you. Without any comparison, both of these types are versatile in their place. Further, both give extra flexibility to provide you with a comfy feel in training and practicing.

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