Muay Thai Heavy Bag Workouts

Kicking and punching the bag is the most acceptable way to increase your skills. Muay Thai is the most demanding sport for training, as it is considered one of the hardest and exhausting. As a fighter, if you wish to have endurance and perfect fighting abilities, then you must have regarded it as Muay Thai heavy bag workout.

And believe me, they will give you the dividend and provide you with the perfect skills that would lift your game to a whole new level. Further, these workout bags are difficult, painful, and offer persistence. Moreover, it provides the most challenging workout, but at the same time, it serves several benefits.

However, these Muay Thai heavy bags will transform you physically and emotionally. And it pays back for every drop of sweat. Nowadays, more and more Muay Thai trainers are focusing on these bags for perfect training.

Muay Thai Heavy Bag Workouts

For that reasoKicking and punching the bag is the most acceptable way to increase your skills and ailment. Muay Thai is the most demanding sport for training, one of the hardest and exhausting things a person can ever endure. It’s difficult, painful, and persistent. It may be the most challenging workout, but at the same time, it has several benefits. It pays back for every drop of sweat that is dropped. Muay Thai trainers focus on determination over everything else.


Here is a cause why bag work is an essential module in every single Muay Thai training assembly. Here are some of the following.


The influence of training with heavy bags principals to the establishment of muscles and bones over time. This permits the body to improved and tolerate the hard impression and toss more powerful strikes regularly.


Flinging monotonous kicks on the hefty bag can assistance in growth body organization and stability. The punch of the bag can be pretty powerful and heave one off balance. Henceforth consistent bag work can Eurostar a person to focus on steadiness. However, strengthening leg and significant muscles for a better posture.


Working with Muay Thai bags helps you to get more creative. The standard one-two-kick mixture gets decayed very fast, exclusively in a fight. Steady bag work contests a combatant to progress a wide variety of combos, therefore, added randomly.


The form is a central but frequently abandoned feature of Muay Thai. Decent condition interprets to the extra power and better correctness. A deprived state can direct a sharp pain once working with a heavy bag, inspiring people to refine their form and methods.

Types Of Heavy Bags

The heavy bag MMA drills have an extended past in martial arts, developing over the years once martial artists primary second-hand gunny bags filled with sand. Nowadays, heavy bags workout are more frequently engaged using shabby cloth and rags. They likewise come in different sizes to board additional features of training.

  • Regular Bag
  • Banana Bag
  • Teardrop Bag
  • Wall-mounted bags


At this time, some of the fitness points are;

  • Measure concept and method
  • Instrument use parade
  • Existence and mentality
  • Structure and composition
  • Sporting mindset
  • Flexibility and retrieval
  • Principles of forte and acclimatizing
  • Common tendencies
  • Sport-specific matters


Here stand some of the Muay Thai heavy bag workouts are greatest when trained in order. However, you can choose and select your preferred from this slope and gadget them in your physical activity assemblies. Each workout can be different and reorganized into whatsoever works best for your precise training methods.

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There are workouts you can do with the hefty bag, not just individual ones. As well as a shadowboxing partner or flat, they may also be utilized in opposition with one another.

Muay Thai Footwork And Movement Drill

Cunning and movement are essential features of Muay Thai, as they are of all unreceptive arts. In this drill, you will learn what footwork and movement you should be using to become in a dominant fighting position. An immense NO-NO infighting is not ever to cross your feet although moving.  

So, the drill is countless for preparation since its determination become the lifeblood graceful and permit your figure to slack for other drills

Muay Thai Switch Kick To Switch Knee

This thrill is best and helps in fighting range. So, not in solitary, it also helps you with variety, but its assists you get quicker switch highs and laps. Shift kicks are tremendously operative in Muay Thai and MMA; meanwhile, they can be terrified in numerous mixtures and remain very fast. And also, the drill is too actual obliging for stability and resolve consent you to develop ample more comfortable range.

Muay Thai Power Kick Drill

Muay Thai Power kick is energetic in Muay Thai fighting. It uses lengthier bags for stamping combinations and low kicks. Having power in your kicks resolves to stretch your sensation power; its determination also strengthens your energy as flinging control kicks can yield a lot out of you. It started from 25 kicks and slowly exceeded 100 so on.

Muay Thai Teep Power Drill

When you poverty to surge your influence by the teep, the weighty bag is the finest choice. The ‘teep’ in Muay Thai can solitary handily permit a fighter to shift his opponent’s movement. Hurling, a well-timed and flawlessly placed teep, has the competence of conclusion fighting. Though, the teep shouldn’t be cast-off for a possible sensation kick as considerable as it would be used to regulator the detachment among you and your challenger.

Flow And Hip Rotation

Inflow and hip rotation, you want to make an accurate movement from one outbreak to the next flawlessly, including unstable mass and conspicuous. Firstly tactic the bag in a fighting posture with your hands at face equal. Toss a jab is nearly always the best initial strike of a combo; it’s reckless, and the opponent cannot count as quickly to it. When frightened properly, your bulk should move to the different sides of your body. Deprived of discontinuing, throw another jab from the opposite side. As you withdraw, kick at waist height or slightly lower.

Elbow Combos

The elbow attack container is a valuable shock attack if you discovery yourself at a near array or if you’re turning around your adversary. It can be achieved inside or the outside, striking the prepared or upper arm directly head-to-head to the elbow joint.

How To make This Stun Step in?

By revolving your hips and pouring your rambling elbow into the bag at rib equal. After here, you can have a reverse elbow attack or reappearance to an impartial stance. It is contingent on how fast you want to go. Make a foremost prod shot hooked on the bag. Both preceding raids were absorbed to the inside, so here and now, you’ll poverty to work the outside. Change around-consuming some deviousness, turning your form, so it goes near the sack from behind.

Muay Thai Elbow Drill

In Muay Thai, the jostle is individual, and the most significant overwhelming setbacks you can heave at an adversary. Not solitary, you can feel your opponent with an appropriately placed elbow. Still, you can also effortlessly censor your opponent with an elbow, which resolves give them numerous difficulties in a fight. A training bag can be used to practice with elbows at close range when facing an opponent.


When carrying a heavy bag, make sure it’s not too heavy. Muay Thai and Boxing techniques can be practiced on an appropriate striking surface. Therefore, technique and strength can be improved, but you can also increase your endurance. It is also good for cardio to train with a heavy bag. A good fighting attitude will be instilled while training with a heavy bag.

As well as shadow boxing and pad work, Sparring, and clinching, Muay Thai training involves a lot of bag work. Furthermore, if properly utilized, it can be an excellent tool for improving striking skills

When you train with a heavy bag, you work out muscles in your arms, shoulders, chest, back, legs, and core. This workout works the entire body, and heavy bags provide excellent exercise for the whole body. In addition, when you punch the bag, you should use the most potent force possible and becomes more substantial and more powerful with time.

Boxing, kickboxing, and Muay Thai are among the disciplines for which heavy bags offer a complete range of targets. There is a wide range of kicks, including ankle kicks and leg kicks, which are part of MMA, and Muay Thai Body punches and head punches are also used.

Banana or Muay Thai bags are sometimes called banana bags. There is no kickboxing staple without a 6ft bag. Furthermore, bags should be at least three to six inches from the floor at the bottom, and they may just touch the floor, reducing movement, if that is what you prefer.


Finally, here are some of the Muay Thai heavy bag workouts; this workout helps you also train you for fighting. However, some learners tend to tense up and disremember to breathe, whereas in the middle of adrenaline haste. Precise breathing keeps you calm; besides, your muscles are oxygenated for an extended.

Essential to all martial arts is snuffle control. Although working on these Muay Thai heavy bag drills, recollect breathing slowly and regularly, respiring sharply in time with your setbacks. Inhale from your nose and exhale out quietly from your mouth, deprived of letting your jaw hang portable.

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