Types Of Punching Bags

Punching bags are coming in various construction regarding the use. Since many peoples are buying them for home use and others are using them for gym use. Moreover, there are many types of punching bags. And the classification of these punching bags is according to their size, weight, shape, and dimensions. As well, some other specifications differentiate them in several types.

Every type of punching bag is proffering different features, quality, and performance. So you have to choose the one that suits your needs and has the easiest usage mechanism. The basic types of these bags include heavy bags that further offer speed, uppercut, maize, and double-ended bags.

So we are going to elaborate on different types of punching bags in this article. That can help you to find the one of your desire and choice for better results.

Types Of Punching Bags

A better way to get in shape is by hitting a punching bag. It is necessary to know what kind of punching bag you want before making your purchase. There are heavy bags, speed bags, and more.

Heavy Bags

If you are a professional style player looking to improve your muscular strength and toning, you need a heavy bag. At the same time, these heavy bags are available in different assemblies to choose one of them for a specific purpose. Also, lightweight punching bags are available in the market to newbies.

But when you are looking for heavy exercise, you have to choose heavy bags. Hanging and freestanding types of heavy bags come in heavy bags and have water, fabric, and sand filling. So let’s describe freestanding and hanging bags.

1.Freestanding Punching Bag

Freestanding bags are the most convenient and facilitated in usage. They owe a round base that is pretty easy to drag and store. More on, they have extensive use to improve the kicking drills workout because of their reliable center of gravity. Plus, they don’t affect the position of placement to give you a workout without any distraction.

On the other side, you can also get the same performance in punching with these best freestanding bags. So we can say that these bags are a great all-rounder choice. Where you can perform any of your martial art workouts, including kickboxing and muay Thai.

They are best for all-age players since they are mostly coming with height adjusting features.

Types Of Punching Bags Freestanding Punching Bag

2.Heavy Bags In Hanging Assembly

Hanging bags provide an opportunity and freedom of suspension. Where the best points are to mount them on walls and ceilings. Furthermore, these bags are the best choice for small workouts and save space on the ground. Likewise, if you are looking for punching practice, then get the hanging bags.

Surprisingly, their dimensions and sizes are now extended so that you can perform kicking skills right away. But, the best use is to strike punches like straight punches with jabs, crosses, and hooks. Additionally, they have various types that are longer in size, and the longest is the banana punching bag.

This punching bag goes from the floor to the mounting area so that you can practice your MMA skills.

Types Of Punching Bags In The Freestanding And Mounting Category

Here are some of the famous types of punching bags in the freestanding and mounting category.

Bodybag As A Virtual Opponent

As this bag got a setup on the floor, we can say that this varies in the freestanding bag’s list. But, it is a bit different from them since it has a body structure construction. In this bag, you have to fix the bob to the floor to rebound after strikes.

The structure of this bag looks like a human upper body from the upside. So when you practice having this bag, it gives you a complete opponent feel. This bag has been introduced specially to enhance body shots on the opponent by watching the hitting areas.

Morely, this bag can help you with both punching and kicking. On the whole, this bag is a great choice for martial arts training.

Water Practicing Bag

The professional always recommend practicing with a real human body. But unfortunately, that is difficult to find a human that can bear your punches with flaws. That is why the companies are now bringing a water-filled bag that gives a human body feels.

The main flex in this type of bag is that they are fully free of maintenance. As well, the assembly and filling process is pretty straightforward for water training bags. Plus, there are many shapes and sizes in this type of bag so that you can get one of your desire.

On the other side, some people afraid of leaking don’t buy these bags. But, if you really want a smooth and satisfying feel in practice, then spend some more money to buy an expensive one. Since expensive water bags have a lifetime warranty and are wholly durable.

Types Of Punching Bags Water Practicing Bag

Wall Or Uppercut Bag

This type of bag has the easiest assembly in all, and it has a small angular construction. You have to screw it in the wall right straight to your face for better use. These bags are used in fast boxing, hooks, uppercuts, and body punches. Surprisingly, these bags are free of movement, and it is better for target training.

Also, this bag can help you set a point on the opponent’s body to target it. Now people have expanded their use, and these bags are used widely to give elbow and knee moves with a flying touch. While some people are also working on the kicks options, they aren’t good for improving your kicking skill.

Because if you miss a kick on this uppercut bag, it will end up in a bruise situation.

Wrecking Ball Heavy Bag

This bag has been through to provide everlasting and reliable performance. That is why this bag has wide use in the boxing field, and professional boxers recognize their versatility. Their textures and exterior have a special construction for a better hitting experience.

In addition, they are larger in size, and they have a heavyweight for a bulky feel. So you can easily help your uppercuts training and strength with this type of bag. Also, this bag has a little swinging and stretching function, which means you can enhance your footwork as well.

Surprisingly, timing, accuracy, and precision are also straightforward to learn through this bag. Furthermore, bobbing, ducking, and are not a problem joining this punching bag. So we can say that this one is the most versatile punching bag in the whole market.

Types Of Punching Bags Wrecking Ball Heavy Bag

Grappling Dummy

This punching bag is one of the best bags in the market because it owes a human body. That is why this bag is familiar all over the world since it provides a real fighting essence. Even these best grappling dummies come with a mounting facility on the floor to provide firm stability.

Some versions are constructed as a body, and some hold a full-size body construction. They help to perform throws and takedowns with more precision. But, the one with a human body shape is mostly used because it allows you to work in combat sports without any hassle.

While judo, wrestling, punching, and boxing are the best choice to take with this special dummy. On the whole, the stability, strength, and weights of this dummy are all exceptional. Astonishingly, this rare quality punching bag is available at an affordable price, proffering everlasting performance.

Types Of Punching Bags Grappling Dummy


The general rule of thumb when choosing a heavy bag for adults. It must be about half your weight. Furthermore, a punching bag weighing 80 pounds is appropriate for an individual weighing 160 pounds. For adults, heavy bags with a length of 4 to 5 feet are typically adequate.

Boxing heavy bags of equal weight are often shorter and thinner than mixed martial arts heavy bags. Kicks to the head and ribs can be practiced on a regular boxing heavy bag. Furthermore, this longer bag allows MMA fighters to practice the low-thigh kicks essential to their game.

There are small, air-filled speed bags that are attached horizontally to platforms. Keeping hands up is achieved using the speed bags, and further, it enhances the coordination of the hands and eyes. When punching, you should shift your weight between your feet. As well as speedballs, they are also called speedball bags.

A bag can be punched without gloves. Hand wraps and boxing gloves are typically worn by boxers when punching the heavy bag. In addition, gloves or wraps to punch a bag can toughen the skin and increase bone density. And the tendons and muscles in your hands.

The following are some guidelines for determining punching bag weights

40 pounds: suitable for beginners and youth boxers.

70 pounds suitable for beginners and teenagers.

100 pounds: for advanced boxers.

Final Words

Almost all types of punching bags are discussed in this article. This information is described for your convenience so that you can know the versatilities of these bags. In addition, this information includes the use, setting, and reliability without any flaw. So read the above description to buy the one punching bag of your choice via market or internet.

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