Should You Fill A Wavemaster Punching Bag With Sand Or Water?

One of the common questions we hear is “Should I fill my Wavemaster punching bag with sand or water?” well there are some important things to consider before making your decision. This article will discuss the benefits and difficulties in filling the Wavemaster boxing bag with sand and water.

Wavemaster is actually one of the best freestanding standing punching bags that was introduced in the market a long ago. It is one of the best tools designed for home gym and fitness classes. Usually, you have to fill their base in the punching bag to have stability in your sessions and workouts.

Some of the filling materials are recommended by professionals. But in this case, the question raised is, should you fill a Wavemaster punching bag with sand or water? We can’t suggest one of these because your situation can vary from it.

So we are just describing the recommendations and their facilities in general. So you can help yourself with the filling process according to the situation.

Wavemaster Punching Bag With Sand Or Water

Wondering if you should fill your Wavemaster punching bag with water or sand? Find out the best way to fill your Wavemaster punching bag with this guide.

Sand Filling

The sand filling is reliable for the players who are heavy punchers, and they need a more stable base. It will increase the weight significantly to decrease the rate of movement almost to zero percent. Also, it is best for immovable scenarios.

Water Filling

Water filling is an excellent choice for those who are just starting into martial arts. It doesn’t increase the weight as the sand filling increases. But, it helps you to restrict those movements. As well, it is constructive for the frequent , and it minimizes your hassles.

Comparison Of Sand And Water Fill

Both of these fillings have different conveniences and different facilities. Both are pretty famous in the filling method, so you can’t judge one facility on others. We are just describing both of them in a comparison form so that you can find one of your desire.

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Water is bringing some of the facilities as well as some effects those are as follow.

Facilities And Use:

Water is just the most effortless filling for the Wavemaster punching bag’s base. First of all, you have to get a hose to fill the base via it. Surprisingly, the hose and faucet allow you to fill the base in minutes and works as a time saver.

Easy To Fill-The central flexibility in water is that you don’t have to buy it from the market. Get the water through your house pipelines and water connection line quickly by attaching the hose. Morely, the water will not leave space in the base because every water drop can quickly occur.

Easy To Remove-In addition, one of the comfiest facilities is coming with this water filling, and it is the removing process. As we know, water is pretty easy to fill in the base. At the same time, removing is also as simple as filling. In this method, you have to look for a drain near the punching bag.

Then you have to take the tip side toward the drain and lift it a bit to remove all water. On the other hand, if you don’t have a drain system near you, you can remove the water with a bowl. It is also the most straightforward method for the removal of complete water.

It asks for a weight-losing removal of water with the bowl; then, you can go with lifting it to drown the water.


Water Filling Is Lighter Than Sand-We had discussed earlier that sand is heavier than water. So the first cons and effects come to this water filling is not the heaviest filling. Professionals and heavy strikers require a sturdy punching bag that can resist their hits. Also, the beginners who modify their heavy and sharp hits will be distracted using a water-filled base punching bag.

The Many Negative Effects Of Water On Base-On the other side, water can bruise the inner structure of the base. It can cause algae, mildew, and some stinky organism. These causes can affect the quality, and they may grow up. So it is hardly restricted to leave the water for a long time in the base.


Sand is the upgraded filling recommended for heavy and professional players. But, it also has some negative points that we are going to discuss in follow of the pros. So let’s move on to should you fill a Wavemaster punching bag with sand or water.

Sand Provision:

Sand Filled Base-Sand is a must choice for the high-rated players in filling. Surprisingly, sand is forty-five percent denser than water. These days a typical cubic base can hold up to two hundred and fifty lbs of water, and conversely, it can load three hundred and sixty-two lbs of sand in it.

Stability Of Sand-As a result, you have a more heavy and more resilient base that can lightly bear your punches. Furthermore, the stability of sand filled base is astonishing. Plus, it won’t slip to any side even if you put hard punches. As well, sand-filled stability can easily bear Shadow boxing heavy blows.

Low-Cost Sand-Also, there are no chances of bag tipping on the floor just because of this filling. In addition, sand is not an expensive thing to buy from the market. First, you have to calculate the amount you need to fill in the base. In a standard base, you need five to six fifty-lb sand packs.

The rate of one fifty lb sandbag is about five to six dollars in the market. Your cost will be affordable, and you can enjoy your strong moves very easily without losing any stability.

Bad Aspects:

Money For Buying Sand-Anything can relate to a disadvantage while having facilities and quality performance. Like this, sand filling we have some problems as well. First of all, this sand filling asks you to spend more and more money on your practice at the gym. As sand can not be filled without buying. So if you are looking for a sand filling, you must have to buy it.

Buying the punching bag had also cost you several hundred dollars, and now if you are spending money on the sand too. As discussed on the top, an average base requires five to six fifty lb sand packs. So the minimum cost would be near forty dollars to get the sand.

Need The Power To Fill Completely-Furtherly, it seems to be more challenging to put the sand in the base. Also, it is very challenging and hassling when you make efforts to put the sand. As well, if you want to fill all crannies and sides of the base, you must be using extraordinary push-up power.

Plus, you have to shake it from every side and corner to settle the sand that looks like a workout itself. As a result, you will be down with your strategies and skills after performing this filling method.

Removing The Sand- At last, the most complex and hassling work to deal with this filling is removing the sand. It is not simple as we have seen in water filling. Since water is a liquid and you can drain it easily. But, sand is non-drainable, and you have to roll it thoroughly for a better transfer.

After this, you have to move it to a free space where you can store the stand. Then move the inner sand with a bowl using most of your power. But, at last, you will leave a mess of sand particles to be vacuumed.


Typically, sand is preferred for this guide because it will weigh more, but water in a bag will still work well as well. Because sand can hold 350 pounds, we recommend it. Water is also an option, and sand is the preferred material if more stability is needed.

Wavemaster punching bags can be weighed down by filling them with water or sand to keep them in place as you punch and kick them. Simply place the Wavemaster punching bag in the desired location. As of now, it is elementary to move. However, you may have to deal with difficulties when it is filled with water or sand.

Vinyl is used to create this 44-inch tall inflatable punching bag. With it, your child can protect their hands from punches and bruises. Fill the product with air after adding water to the bottom. Also, sand can be used for weighting.

Play sand must be scooped into a funnel, then sucked into the funnel. Here at the bottom, there is a hose, and you can wash out the sand into the bag’s base. Further, you need to Tip over the bag so that you would be able to tip over to drain the water inside.

After doing this, repeat the whole process almost 20-30 times. In addition, continue to fill the bag base with sand until it has all 300 pounds. Filling the bag base will take a lot of time but is a rewarding project.

Final Thoughts

We have discussed every aspect of the Wavemaster punching bag with sand or water. Now it is up to you, which one suits you and which one you admire the most. Read the article ultimately to find the desire filling for your schema.

Overall, both of these fillings are the best choice at their place. Water filling is better for Boxing beginners, and sand filling is an excellent pick for professionals.

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