Wing Chun Self Defense Basics For Hand-To-Hand Attacks

In wing Chun self-defense basics for hand-to-hand attacks, we are going to learn many classical techniques. This self-defense is based on blocking and restricting your opponent. This self-defense creates many techniques and methods that will provide you proper security. But they are difficult for newbies to learn.

Here we will discuss the best four methods in this section that wing Chun introduces. We are going to discuss their working and mechanism. We will also describe which one of these four will suit you in a specific scenario.

Wing Chun Self Defense Basics For Hand-To-Hand Attacks

In wing Chun self-defense basics for hand-to-hand attacks, we will discuss the best methods to promote your blocking and protecting skills.

Many newbies don’t focus on these methods because of some complexity. But as we discuss them, you can easily apply them to your opponent with more strategies. Also, your defense skills will increase to the level of perfection with learning these methods.

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Four Classical Methods

Move on to these methods, at first, and we have “ambidexterity” at the top. This one has been introduced for the basics of defense.


This method has joined many specifications and techniques that develop your blocking skills. Many new players don’t get this technique at the first play because it looks like some complexion. But, this method has owned the easiest technique that can be learned with your stability and timing. This method has some easy steps that are as follows.

  • Blocking

As you begin this ambidexterity method, first, you have to make a defensive and blocking stance. Many professional trainers have recommended some of the blocking stances to choose one of your desire. In this blocking look, you have to keep in your mind that no one is attacking you.

This “no attacking” is prescripted for new players because they may lose their strategies after several opponents’ punches. So you have to keep your one hand in the movement. After that, you can use both of your hands, but if you are regularized with it.

  • Adding More Techniques

Adding more techniques:
As you develop better coordination and stance, you can add multiple techniques. The professionals have recommended “Passau” for beginners. On the other hand, skilled players can also add punches, kicks, and movements for extra defense. Further, lap says is the best choice for professional and advanced-level players.


In the wing, Chun self-defense basics for hand-to-hand attacks deflection are essential methods to learn. The deflection method is completely relying on your stance, position, and movement. So we can say that deflection and protection are just a matter of your movement.

In these types of cases, strength can not help to manage the counter-attack. All in all, the best and perfect move by your side will be movement. This “deflection” method asks a bit of hassle for upgrading. However, if you want to be a professional player, you have to learn it.

  • Practicing Some Special Moves

Some beginners can not properly turn the deflection on, and it occurs mostly because of improper balance. Also, they don’t create a proper method because arm positioning looks difficult to them. So it is necessary first to take a look at your arm positioning by learning some moves.

Bong Sao, Chun Cao, and lap so moves are on the top of the list to learn arm positions. It will help you to make better arm positions for blocks and plays. Additionally, these moves are effective for unusual and accidental blocking and attacking positions fastly.

  • The Main Theme Of This Method

In wing Chun, a player’s focus must vary in gliding the hit and strike of the opponent. The player should not have to watch the blockage. Also, he has to create better angles for durable resistance. So the players must learn the upper discussed moves properly to get an extraordinary strategy.

Your proper arm positioning allows you to move towards further defensive moves like foot working and body positioning.

Centerline Method

Centerline is bringing many functionalities with it for every schema of wing Chun. Also, it is known as the foremost and essential concept that can provide better wing Chun defense. On the top, this method has got defense and attack specialty at the same time. So learning this method will help you in a complete match at every step.

In both attack and defense, this method is leading you to victory with straightforward work.

  • The Centerline For Defense

In a defensive look, this centerline needs to be set with a guard or attack. You can choose the one according to the scenario to get fine involvement. If you manage to learn this technique, you can throw the opponent outside the spot. When the opponent goes out of the line, it is difficult for them to hit you.

Even if your opponent manages to hit you from a long distance, it can not create any hard effect. As well, this long-distance hit is pretty easy to deflect in mar.

  • Centerline With Attacking

This is the first method that has got a specialty for working in both attack and defense techniques. In attacking, the centerline draws an area in which you are bounded and shortens your opponents’ distance to you. It will allow you to take hands to the opponent easily.

As we all know, the attacking needs a short route for striking and hitting, and that is why this centerline can manage to give you a short distance to reach the target fast. Also, it is precautioned that to apply extra strength on it to get a perfect attack.

The “gates” skill

Gates has brought its three types in the wing Chun section, and all types have different effects. You can apply any one of these gates while playing, but one should vary the specific criteria. So we have an upper, middle, and lower gate in this method.

The upper gate refers to space up the shoulders, and the middle gate is for the space between the shoulders. Morely, the lower gate shows the space between the solar plexus and the groin area.

  • Blocking Examples

It is restricted by the professional to use all blocks for every gate and every term. Every block is introduced for a specific gate and a special defense. So it would be best if you had to use it for a gate that works in that condition.

For example, when you use a bong say, it means that you are protecting a middle gate. On the other hand, if you focus on any other gate for bong so, it will distract your play badly. It is because the bong Sao has low and high variations for other gates.

  • Legs Blocking

In legs blocking case, you are not recommended to use your gates section. In the wing, Chun legs block are not eligible to block with your hands. You must use your legs to protect the attack by legs and even choose the dodging strategy.


Even long-time teachers dismiss the possibility of learning Wing Chun at home. However, this is possible with the right tools and resources. The internet offers several exercises that you can learn at home in Wing Chun. Watching online instruction videos on Wing Chun lessons can also help you gain a lot of self-knowledge.

Wing Chun techniques are designed to cause aggressors to concede victory by viciously incapacitating them in a sports competition. The Wing Chun hand strikes are intended to damage both eyes and throats, and however, they are prohibited in MMA.

Wing Chun Kung Fu’s blue book contains the following information. Further, Wing Chun is a logical and comprehensive system that Grandmaster Jim Fung described. In simple terms, it is straightforward, practical, economical, and does not rely on brute force.

See what we can discover. Wing Chun offers both offensive and defensive techniques simultaneously, which makes it effective in real-life situations. During training, students learn how to punch, kick, and defend effectively and change their stances quickly and maneuver their feet appropriately.

While learning Wing Chun is synonymous with the wooden dummy, it is only one part of the learning process. As well as learning the dummy form without a dummy, you can also practice in the air.

Accessible online. You have done a fantastic job! It is easy to understand and learn from because everything is explained in a clear and precise manner. The Wing Chun system is covered in great detail from nearly every angle.

Final Words

In wing Chun self defense basics for hand-to-hand attacks, we had discussed the best methods in all. These methods are pretty easy to learn and manage, and these methods will promote your blocking and protecting skills.

Also, you will be able to move toward other skills like attacking, body positioning, and structuring. On the whole, you will be a master if you get these simple and straightforward points by sharpening your minds.

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